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I love trying new things with my nails and these nail art Pinterest boards are incredibly inspiring. Pinterest has thousands of boards devoted to nails. Some however, some stand out from the rest. These nail art Pinterest boards will have you grabbing your manicure tools and creating masterpieces in no time. Be warned, your friends will envy your incredible nails after this.

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Nail Art Community

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
Nail Art Community is one of my favorite nail art Pinterest boards. With numerous contributors, you get a variety of ideas. The board is maintained by NAILS Magazine and features pretty much any style you could think of. It currently has over 74,000 pins. Trust me, you will find something new to try. Personally, I'm loving the marble nails at the moment. Also check out some of their other boards for even more inspiration.


Nails Art

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
Nails Art offers a combination of easy and more advanced nail art ideas. The board is maintained by Zoe Sherwin. She finds some incredible pins so you don't have to scour Pinterest yourself. While it only has 174 pins currently, the ideas will keep you busy for quite a while. Plus, she's pinned some incredibly useful tips for making nail art easier.


OPI Products

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
I couldn't pick just one board here, but the OPI Products boards all have amazing nail art ideas. Plus, I love the various categories, especially the holiday boards. From celebrity looks to wild neon styles, you can find a little bit of everything here. Currently, there are over 1,200 pins to check out. If you love OPI polishes, you have to check out their boards.


Short Nails

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
If you tend to have short nails often, you'll love the Short Nails board by Mariangela Venutolo. She's found cute, funky and stylish nail art ideas perfect for shorter nails. Plus, most of them are super simple. While there aren't a ton of pins, it's enough to get those creative juices flowing. You'll also love her tip pins that simplify complicated looking styles.


Robin Moses

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
Once again, I couldn't choose just one board. Robin Moses has 18 boards dedicated to nail art. She has two other boards for other random things. If you want some wild, crazy and highly advanced designs to try, her boards are the place to be. She even features some tutorials to help you get the look yourself. You'll find the most unique artwork among her various boards.


Manis I Love!

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
Manis I Love features over 1,800 pins with absolutely stunning manicures. They're not as wild and crazy as some of the others on this list, but they are beautiful. Plus, you get tips and tutorials too. The board is maintained by Emily Lacquerologist, which many of you might know already from her popular website. She also has other nail related boards.


Nailsalon Pomponner

Get inspired here: pinterest.com
Who better to post inspiring nail art than a Japanese nail salon? Their variety of boards features a selection of manicures and pedicures with absolutely beautiful and intricate nail art. I love their Nail-Foot board personally as you don't see toenail art all that often. I highly recommend checking out some of their more than 1,700 pins for professional inspiration.

While I don't usually have the time for most of these nail art designs, they still inspire to get creative with my nails. Why not grab some friends, pick out some of your favorite pins and try them this weekend? With art for both beginners and pros, there's something for everyone among this Pinterest boards. What are some of your favorite nail art Pinterest boards?

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