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As one of the fiercest colors around, there's no question that red manicures dominate the nail industry. Red has always been linked to power; according to the website entitled "Colour Effects", red is not only "stimulating and lively", but is also strong. However, trendsetters don't need a study to prove just how fabulous red nail designs are. Take a look at these magnificent red manicures to see for yourself!

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Red Gradient Nail Art

There's a reason why this nail tutorial by YouTube user "FromBrainstoBeauty" on how to achieve gradient nails is at the top of this list of perfect red manicures. Before watching this video, I would always get frustrated with how my lackluster attempts at gradient nails turned out. After trial and error, I can now consider myself a pro at this amazing look.


Gothic Flower Nail Art

The dark shades featured in this next tutorial will instantly take your outfit of the day from casual to chic. "Robin Moses Nail Art" does an excellent job explaining how to recreate this intriguing design.


Diva Red Leopard Nail Art

I don't think I'll ever be able to stay away from anything involving animal print. Frankly, I'm okay with that. I really love that YouTube sensation "luxuriousnails" chose to combine two different trends into one phenomenal design. This is definitely innovation at its best!


Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Disney lovers, you may need to brace yourselves for this next tutorial. How fantastic is this replication of Minnie Mouse's polka dot dress? The amazing "cutepolish" proves that she is at the top of her game with this flawless nail art. Is it weird that I first fell in love with the mini bows?


Red Rose Nail Art

I can't be the only one who finds it hard to resist a great floral manicure. "Robin Moses Nail Art" really knows how to highlight certain elements of a design; pairing the sweet roses with bright red polish is a bold yet brilliant move.


Red Heart French Tip Nail Art

From the sweet hearts to the dotted lines, this french tip tutorial is just fantastic. Nail artist "luxuriousnails" outdoes herself once again with this intricate yet easily achievable design. I definitely plan on rocking this manicure on my next night out with my pals just to see their reaction.


Pretty White, Red & Pink Flower Water Marble Nail Art

When it comes to red, pink and white, there's no such thing as too much color! YouTube nail artist "ilovemylongnails" manages to take the seemingly complex marble process and make it incredibly for her audience to follow. I love how well these colors compliment each other.


Red, Black and Silver Nail Art

This manicure is both glamorous and trendy. The red and black nail polish bring out the silver in this design, making it shine beautifully. "LOVE4NAILS" is certainly astonishing (and a total pro) when it comes to nail art.


Pretty Little Liars Nail Art

Lastly, fans of the hit TV series "Pretty Little Liars" will get a kick out of this tutorial by "missglamorazzi". Inspired by Hanna Marin's fierce leopard nail design, this tutorial will help you perfect the look.

I love checking out different YouTube nail tutorials because of the wide range of nail art that is available. Which YouTube channels do you frequent for nail art inspiration? What are your favorite nail trends to rock on date night?

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