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We all want to master a perfect manicure, right? That’s easier said than done though. I usually wind up having to repair at least one mistake when I paint my nails. Sometimes, seeing someone else do it can really help you get it right. If you’re looking for some manicure experts to copy, this list of tutorials is going to make you so happy. Get ready for the best looking nails in town.

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Follow These Steps for a Basic Manicure

This tutorial is perfect for beginners because it will give you all the basics you need to master a manicure. Watch how to file, shape, buff and paint your nails to perfection. The steps are easy to follow and are ones that you can easily copy right at home. If you’re looking for help with your manicure, you have got to start with this video.

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How to Apply Nail Polish like a Pro

We all want to look like we got a professional manicure. Since seeing the girls at the salon can put a big dent in your wallet, it’s fun to learn how to recreate the look yourself. Sure, it will take some practice and you may have to try a few times, but you are going to love having this video to teach you how all along the way.


How to Paint Your Nails

Here’s another fantastic tutorial for learning how to paint your nails. It might sound like a no-brainer, but painting your nails requires a certain amount of skill and practice. By watching this video, you get a really great set of tips to copy when you pull out your polish. Before you know it, you are going to have nails that everyone loves. Get ready for the compliments.


10-Minute Manicure Tutorial

It’s no secret that a manicure isn’t exactly something you do when time is tight. However, you can still get a great look if you only have 10 minutes. Now, that doesn’t include the drying time, but it gets the job done quickly so you can get drying underway. You are definitely going to thank your lucky stars that you found this great video.


How to Manicure Short Nails

I type for a living and I have three kids, so long nails are a thing of the past for me. Now, I keep them very short. The plus to that is that nail polish lasts longer because short nails hold up better to an active lifestyle that requires a lot of use of the hands. Going short, but are unsure how a manicure can work for short nails? All you have to do is watch this video and you’ll know.


How to do a French Manicure

There’s something super sophisticated about a French manicure. I haven’t gotten it quite right yet, but I’m still trying. This video has given me so many new tricks. I’ll keep on practicing and I hope to get it perfect one of these days. Are you with me? Check out this video.


How to do a Gel Manicure at Home

Gel manicures are fantastic, aren’t they? They look so sleek and polished. They can get pricey if you have them done by a pro, so it makes sense to learn how to do it yourself. This great video has easy to follow advice that will help you figure out the technique in no time. Pretty soon you’ll have the manicure you’ve always wanted with some money in your pocket.

Aren’t you excited? Are you going to give yourself the perfect manicure tonight?

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