9 Pretty Pink Nail Designs You Will Fawn over ...


As one of my favorite colors, I'm ecstatic that pink nail designs have taken off in the fashion and beauty industry.

From rosy hues to bold and daring fuchsia, the best aspect of the color pink is that it complements every skin tone.

The following words by C.

Joybell C.

explain it best: β€œPink is a beautiful color, because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.” Overall, these pink nail designs are sure to transform your nails for a more fabulous look.

1. Pink Ombre Nail Art

The ombre trend has become a massive hit amongst fashionistas everywhere, making it one of the best reasons to try out pink nail designs.

YouTube user "Back2Basic" certainly lives up to her username;

the basic instructions in her tutorial make it easy for anyone (on any level) to perfect this look.

2. Pink Leopard Print Nail Art

I officially crown myself as the biggest leopard print lover.

This nail design by user "SuperWowstyle" is definitely one of my favorites.

Using leopard print on a single nail to make a statement is brilliant!

Also, could the hearts be any sweeter?

3. Polka Dot Flower Nail Art

The striking contrast between the colors in this next design really makes all the difference between a dull and spicy look!

From the elegant teal dots to the light and dark shades of pink, this manicure by Meliney is absolutely beautiful.

4. Hot Pink Zebra Print Nail Art

The fact that this is simple to replicate makes it an even better choice!

If there is one thing that I love more than plain stripes, it is obviously zebra print stripes.

Nail genius "beautycakez" makes an incredibly intricate design so easy to achieve.

5. Black and Pink Dots Nail Art

This innovative look by "IndigoNova1" is sure to catch everyone's attention.

As far as trends go, a French manicure will never go out of style.

I find the uniqueness of this design quite refreshing.

The combination of black and pink nail polish is just magnificent.

Kissed Nail Art
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