7 Easy Nail Designs and Art for Amateurs ...


As someone who does her nails on a weekly basis, I’m always looking for easy nail designs.

I want something that looks professional but doesn’t take a lot of skill or time.

After some investigation I found a few easy solutions to my nail problems!

Here are some easy nail designs that are not only effortless but are also more affordable than visiting a manicurist!

1. Caviar Nails

Talk about easy nail designs!

Caviar nails are great if you’re looking to really vamp up your nail art.

This 3-D nail art requires no thinking and most brands provide both the caviar beads and the binding nail polish in a single set, making it convenient to purchase.

However, I recommend doing caviar nails only for special occasions and only the day or night of, because caviar nails tend to fall apart easily in the shower or if you work with your hands a lot.

2. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are perfect if you love nail polishes that leave a textured feel afterwards.

I love velvet nails because they are unique, interesting to look at and really easy to achieve.

In fact, all you need is “velvet nail polish" – no other tools or supplies required.

However, velvet nail polish isn’t readily available at most local drug stores, so you’ll have to resort to looking online.

3. Thermo Nail Polish

For many of us it’s still winter so thermo nail polish is perfect!

Thermo nail polish is polish that changes colour depending on the surrounding temperature.

So of course, in winter the polish is perfect since when you’re outside it will be one colour and when you’re inside, it will change to another colour.

4. Ombre Nails

Ombre nails do require a little work but the final result is worth it.

Take as many polishes as you would like, but typically only two to three and of the same colour but in different shades are used, and grab a makeup applicator sponge.

Paint all your nail polishes on to paper towel (place a plastic bag underneath so that the nail polish doesn’t leak through the paper towel and damage your furniture) in the order of lightest to darkest, making sure there are no blank spaces in between the different hues.2

Then take your applicator sponge and dab it on top of the nail polish.

Once the sponge has the polishes on it, press the sponge on to your nail and voila!

– you have ombre nails!

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