7 Turquoise Nail Polishes to Shake up Your Look ...

Turquoise nail polishes are all over the place these days, which is great news if you love this wonderful shade as much as I do. Turquoise is a hot color and adding it to your fingernails is an easy way to give it a try. There’s nothing more fabulous than turquoise toenails sticking out of your sandals too. So, go ahead and give these great turquoise nail polishes a try and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Once you try turquoise, you’ll never go back!

1. Turquoise and Caicos from Essie

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This isn’t your standard shade of turquoise, but you won’t want to pass it up. It’s a color that will bring to mind the ocean and you’ll love the way it looks with a bright white sundress or even your favorite pair of jeans. This will quickly become your favorite of the many turquoise nail polishes that grace store shelves.

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