7 Stylish Nail Tutorials to Celebrate Your Anniversary ...


If you are on the cusp of freaking out over planning your outfit for your anniversary, you may want to take a look at these stylish nail tutorials. Nail art lovers will agree that the ultimate date night calls for a serious manicure and pedicure. Instead of being caught plain-handed, or sporting a chipped manicure, testing out new looks can be an incredibly fun experience. Whether you are dating, engaged or married, you should definitely check out these stylish nail tutorials that will be sure to spice up your special night.

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Heart Nail Art

As far as stylish nail tutorials go, although you may feel like this is the biggest cliché, hearts are considered one of the trendiest designs for a reason. What better way is there to get yourself in the mood to celebrate love than by giving yourself a heart filled manicure? The fact that YouTube beauty vlogger Michelle Phan used band aids to perfect the heart cutouts makes this tutorial that much more amazing.


Sweet Vs. Sultry Lace Nail Art

The greatest thing about this next DIY tutorial by YouTube nail guru "elleandish // Janelle" is that both manicures add a sophisticated yet playful element to your overall outfit for the night. Perfecting these bold nail designs is not as hard as it may seem. I can't get over how amazing the contrast between the two competing looks truly is!


Striping Tape Nail Art

If you can't get enough of stripes, this next trick by "Creativenailart" will totally win you over. I never thought that painting straight lines could ever be so easy until I checked out this phenomenal tutorial. I also think that her idea to use a stud as a way to shape the center of the design was pretty clever.


Stripe Nail Art

If you are still not sure what to do about your worn, chipped manicure before your romantic rendezvous, this next tutorial may be the perfect remedy. YouTube nail artist "xoJahtna" even figured out a way to paint stripes without having to rely on striping tape. That deserves some major props!


Pink Diagonal Leopard Print French Manicure

One of the things that I love about French manicures is that it doesn't take much effort to revamp the design into a new and completely fabulous look. I can't get over how much the leopard print stands out when paired with the light pink polish. YouTube nail genius "TheCreamyOpal" really outdid herself on this one.


Blue and Gold Flowers Toenail Art

Let's not forget about the pedicure! Add a little more glam to your look by rocking this ultra trendy nail polish. The best part about the gold and blue hue is that you'll stand out from the crowd without the colors being too overwhelming. That factor, alone, is worth celebrating!


Color Block Nail Art

Lastly, if you're not sold on these cute patterns, why not combine an array of stylish colors for one knockout look?This flawless design by "IndigoNova1" is simply breathtaking! When in doubt, you can never go wrong with colorblocking your nails.

These flawless DIY nail tutorials are just what the love doctor ordered. I love that both beginners and pros can pull off all of these looks with ease. If you could create your own roundup of your favorite nail tutorials, which designs would you choose?

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