9 Magical Metallic Nail Polishes ...

Metallic nail polishes are at the top of the list of this season’s hottest nail trends. From light pearly shades to high intensity colours, a metallic nail polish is a guaranteed way of adding some glitz and glamour to your look. There’s a metallic shade for nearly every style and occasion, so there’s no excuse not to wear metallics this season! Check out the following magical metallic nail polishes.

1. Pearlescent Nail Polish

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Ease your way into the world of metallic nail polishes with a light pearly nail polish. It’ll give a hint of metallic shimmer and colour, but won’t be too overpowering. This ‘Pearly Queen’ shade from Rimmel is a great place to get started, and brands like Deborah Lippmann are also worth checking out.

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