8 Trendy Manicure Video Tutorials ...


8 Trendy Manicure Video Tutorials ...
8 Trendy Manicure Video Tutorials ...

Manicure video tutorials somehow became my favorite part of YouTube in the beginning of the new season! Raise your hand if you’re a polisholic too and can’t get enough of beautifully painted nails! LOL! You may choose to buy tons of new polishes this spring or decide to go cold turkey and use up the ones you have first but the good news is that your nails will look absolutely gorgeous. But wait, how can you make a polish you’ve already worn seem brand new and interesting again? Well, check out these trendy manicure video tutorials to find out!

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Matte French Manicure

It’s edgy, super-trendy and definitely won’t go unnoticed! If you’re hoping to rock a really awesome, unusual manicure but aren’t too crazy about nail art or other colorful stuff, the first of today’s manicure video tutorials is the thing for you! Check it out, it’s crazy simple and looks like you’ve really tried super hard!


Matte and Metallic French

Oh la la! Now these are some seriously great-looking nails! I’m guessing you’re slowly falling in love with matte polish by now, right? Well, here’s an idea on how to get the most of it and turn a fierce, trendy black on black look into a glamorous and chic mani for special occasions or whenever you’re feeling glamorous!


Gradient Manicure

Stocking up on spring pastels and neutrals? Good for you! And once you’re done enjoying them individually you can DIY a gorgeous looking gradient manicure such as this one! It’s super easy, as you can see, and the result is just breathtaking!


Splatter Party Nails

Let’s get messy! Bright colors are uber popular every year and this one is no different! You can wear them alone, colorblock a fun manicure or get even more creative. Yay, it’s splatter nails time! It’s super messy as you can see, but will make you feel like a child playing with watercolors again. Cheers to that, I say!


Caviar Manicure

Caviar manicures might not be the most comfortable things for everyday wear but they sure look gorgeous and will definitely earn you the queen of chic title any day! But why pay big bucks for something that (let’s be honest about it) you’re not going to use all that much? Check this trendy nail tutorial instead and you’ll see how to do it yourself. Go ahead, enjoy getting creative with this look without the steep price that often accompanies our nail follies.


Glitter Ombre

Glitter and ombre go perfectly together, creating a look that’s just too beautiful to call “Glombre.” You can go dark and do a sort of a glamorous evening look or opt for pale colors and white glitz to give this mani a bit of a fairy look. Statement nails, ladies…why not?


Special Effect Topper

Short and sweet, you gotta love it! Here’s a bright and shiny (literally) example of what toppers can do! And if you ever though purchasing a nail polish that is meant to be used with other nail polishes is a waste of money, now would be the perfect time to revise your conviction. One carefully chosen topper will help make your entire nail polish collection different and oh-so-interesting again and guess what – there are tons of different toppers out there, which means that you can customize your look endlessly!


Nail Foil Manicure

Speaking about amazing stuff you can do at home – this is one of those trendy nails tutorials you simply have to check out! Get an OPI Skyfall look for less or DIY your own fabulous design – foils are super inexpensive and work like a charm, giving you a mani only haters can pretend not to notice!

There you have it, ladies – a trendy manicure tutorial for every taste! Isn’t it fun? The way we can play with our nails in so many amazing and even budget-friendly ways, I mean? I’m so hooked I’d have to get myself something to practice on… or a yearly supply of nail polish removed… or both! What about you?

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