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Mani Mania Here's Gucci's Fall 2014 Nail Polish Line ...

By Vanessa

In case you missed, Gucci just launched their fall nail polish line over at! At $29 a piece, so many of these colors just made my must-have list. In fact, I've already ordered a few of the 'iconic' colors! Check out their new line and then let me know which ones you're obsessed with!

1 Iconic Black

Iconic BlackI ordered this color today and cannot wait to wear it!

2 Absolute Purple

Absolute PurplePurple's one of my favorite colors so don't worry, "Absolute Purple," I'll have you soon!


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3 Antique Ruby

Antique RubyA red manicure is always in style.

4 Black Gold

Black GoldAdd some shimmer with this black gold polish!

5 Ardor

ArdorHot pink, anyone?

6 Burnt Cinnamon

Burnt CinnamonThis rose/gold color is everything!

7 Bouganville

BouganvilleThis beautiful shade would definitely make a statement.

8 Dark Romance

Dark RomanceFall's all about dark colors... this one's a must!

9 Crushed Coral

Crushed CoralWearing this shade will definitely remind you of summer vibes.

10 Iconic Bronze

Iconic BronzeThey're not lying when they call this shade iconic.

11 Iconic Ottanio

Iconic OttanioI'm. So. Obsessed.

12 Iconic Gold

Iconic GoldEveryone needs some gold polish!

13 Iconic Red

Iconic RedYou can never have too much red, right?

14 Metallic Sand

Metallic SandAnyone else as in love with this color as I am?!

15 Orchid Overdose

Orchid OverdoseI gotta give Gucci props for their nail polish names.

16 Pink Lotus

Pink LotusSuch a beautiful, warm color!

17 Prussian Blue

Prussian BlueBlue is very much in this season!

18 Rosette

RosetteI need this color in my life!

19 Rush

RushMake a fiery statement with this 'rush' nail polish.

20 Saim Red

Saim RedTotally in love with this deep red.

21 Sinful Blush

Sinful BlushI love this pastel color.

22 Spring Rose

Spring RoseIt's never too early to stock on spring colors!

23 Sunburst

SunburstThis is such a soothing color to look at.

24 Voile

VoileNeed to add this one to my must-have list.

25 Wild Amarena

Wild AmarenaLove this deep shade of red/purple.

Which of these nail polishes just made your shopping list for this fall?

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