7 Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram ...

There are loads of nail artists on Instagram, but some are epic while others aren’t so much fun to follow. Since nail art is trending big time right now, maybe you want to collect a list of nail artists on Instagram to inspire you to new and better heights all the time. Whether you’re new to nail art or are just getting started with it, these Instagram accounts will help you find just the looks you’re after, no matter your ability level.

1. Chalkboard Nails

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This is one of the best nail artists on Instagram if you’re a beginner. This artist has tons and tons of pictures showing you all the great things you can do on your nails, but there are also tutorials and how-to directions that let you complete any of the looks you come across. There are so many, the only problem will be trying to figure out which one you want to try first. Follow her on @chalkboardnails.

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