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There are loads of nail artists on Instagram, but some are epic while others aren’t so much fun to follow. Since nail art is trending big time right now, maybe you want to collect a list of nail artists on Instagram to inspire you to new and better heights all the time. Whether you’re new to nail art or are just getting started with it, these Instagram accounts will help you find just the looks you’re after, no matter your ability level.

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Chalkboard Nails

Chalkboard Nails This is one of the best nail artists on Instagram if you’re a beginner. This artist has tons and tons of pictures showing you all the great things you can do on your nails, but there are also tutorials and how-to directions that let you complete any of the looks you come across. There are so many, the only problem will be trying to figure out which one you want to try first. Follow her on @chalkboardnails.


Jessica Washick

Jessica Washick She doesn’t have a fancy byline, but she more than makes up for it with her art. She has images that come complete with crystals and loads of detail. You can tell she puts a ton of time and effort into planning and carrying out her designs. If you want to take your nail art to the next level, this is the artist to follow. Follow her on @jessicawashick


Donne and Ginny Geer

Donne and Ginny Geer This duo is great for many reasons. They specialize in trendy geometric designs that are easy to do, but stunning to look at. If you like metallic, these sisters really deliver on that front too. They are also one of the top Instagram accounts to follow if you like really intricate designs that sparkle and shine. What girl doesn’t love that? Follow them on @heynicenails


Jenna Hipp

Jenna Hipp If you’re a fan of green cosmetics and beauty procedures, this is an Instagram account you are going to love. Jenna Hipp specializes in celebrity nails and her account gives you loads of behind the scenes photos that will make you feel like part of the A-list crowd. If that’s not enough, you can also find some of the best nail art floating out there on the Internet. Try it – you’ll see what I mean. Follow her on @jennahipp


Karen G Nails

Karen G Nails I love Karen G Nails when the holidays roll around. That’s because she has loads of great nail art for virtually any occasion you can think of. If you need a Mardi Gras look, she’s got you covered. Not many nail artists can say the same. If you want a holiday nail art look that no one else will have, you have to check out Karen G Nails on Instagram. Follow her on @karengnails


Lexi Martone

Lexi Martone You might have a hard time emulating her looks, but it’s sure fun to try. Lexi Martone has some of the best examples of detailed nail art as well as images of favorite characters that you will ever find. Think Disney characters and superheroes. If you really want to hone your nail art skills, this is the account to check out today.
Follow her on @leximartone


Steph Stone Nails

Steph Stone Nails Steph Stone Nails is the place to go if you want a huge database of nail art designs to choose from. You are going to spend so much time paging through all of the photos before you are able to settle on which one you want. So if you plan to go here, block out a good chunk of time. You’re going to need it. Follow them on @stephstonenails

Do you do nail art? I’m usually in a hurry to get my nails done so I usually just go plain, but I would love to try out some the designs on Instagram. What’s your favorite Instagram account for nail art?

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