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Who wants to pay all that money for a pedicure, when you can do one yourself at home? Sure, it’s pampering and wonderful now and then, but regular pedicures sure can put a dent in your checkbook really quickly. Whether you just don’t want to spend the money or you’d rather pamper yourself at home, there are several great steps to a perfect DIY pedicure that will have your feet looking their best in no time.

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Start with a Soak

A warm foot soak is about as relaxing at it gets, right? Start by placing your feet in a large bowl or tub of warm water. This will loosen dead skin cells so that you can slough them off and will help get you in the mood for a pedicure. You can add Epsom salts or essential oils to make your soak feel more spa worthy.


Remove Polish

As you soak one foot, thoroughly remove all the polish from the other foot. Then soak that foot while you remove the polish from the other foot. Choose non-acetone nail polish to help keep your toenails safe and healthy. Use a cotton ball doused with remover and gently scrub at old polish until all the color is removed.



This is the part where you’d get a massage and exfoliation at the spa. You can totally do this yourself though. Use a gentle exfoliator created for the feet and massage it into your entire foot and work your way up the calf for even more relaxation benefits. This will help remove dead skin cells and leave your entire foot feeling soft, smooth and lovely.


Pay Attention to Calluses

If you have calluses, use a pumice stone to gently scrub them. This will help soften and smooth, but you should be careful not to damage the skin. You should never cut calluses off because this increases the risk of infection. Place your foot back into the soak as you repeat the process on the other foot.


Trim Your Nails

Using a pair of nail trimmers, cut your toenails until they are desired length. Make sure you cut them straight across to reduce the chances of having to deal with an ingrown nail. Leave enough length that the tender skin under your nail isn’t exposed. This can be very painful. Try to get a uniform length on your nails, which will result in a more professional look.


Buff and File

You can find great nail buffers and files at beauty supply stores or at your local drugstore. File each of your toenails in one direction to remove any snags and to get the shape you want. Then buff each nail to remove ridges and create a clean nail for your polish. Rinse each foot in the soak to get rid of dust and debris that could get caught in your polish.


Paint Your Nails

And now for the final step. Dry your feet and nails really well. Apply a clear base coat, then two coats of your desired shade of polish. Top everything off with a clear top coat to give you the shine you crave. Allow each coat to dry for several minutes before applying the next one. This will help eliminate bubbles and smudges in your polish.

Now sit back and take it easy while you wait for your toenails to dry. Have you ever done a DIY pedicure? I do them all the time! It’s nice to be able to watch television at home in my pajamas while during a pedicure. Do you agree? Do you have any other great tips for a DIY pedicure?

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