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7 Tips on Doing a Jelly Sandwich Manicure ...

By Lisa

The jelly sandwich manicure had the blogosphere abuzz with its sparkly yet understated look. Some describe it as a modest way to wear glitter while others just loved the quick and easy way to jazz up your nails with polishes you probably already own! If you’re ready to create your own jelly sandwich manicure, keep these 7 helpful tips close by for foolproof jelly sandwich nails!

1 The Real Thing

When you’re trying out the jelly sandwich manicure, think of it like the real thing so you don’t get confused with what goes where. You’ll need a jelly polish to serve as the loaves of bread, a glitter polish for the jelly and then sandwich it all together. A good jelly polish would be a colored nail polish that’s somewhat translucent even after a couple of coats like Essie’s True Love.

2 Be Transparent

For the purposes of this DIY manicure, sheer or light colored polish is usually better. If you use a super thick and opaque nail polish, the glitter polish might not show up as well and it might not have that jelly polish look. Of course you can experiment with whatever colors you like, you might come up with an awesome combination that no one has tried yet!


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3 Get Chunky

Again, this is all up to you, but when you’re doing jelly sandwich nails, try using chunky glitter. Chunky glitter polish usually stands out more, but fine glitter can also look very pretty, it just depends on what look you want! Feel free to use whatever glitter polish you like or have on hand but keep in mind that bigger, chunkier glitter really creates the look of the glitter being captured in the jelly polish!

4 The Clear Choice

We covered the type of jelly polish to use and the type of glitter to use, but another important thing to remember is to use a glitter polish with a clear base. If you use a colored or standard glitter polish as the jelly, you won’t be able to see the bread (the jelly polish) that you used as the base color and it’ll just look like a glitter top coat-no fun!

5 Get Creative

All jelly sandwich nails don’t have to look alike; you can get creative with your mani! Try out unexpected color combinations with the two polishes, use different types of glitter or try doing a gradient, you get the idea! You don’t have to do the same jelly sammies you see on the nail blogs and on other people, feel free to get crazy with your jelly nails!

6 Be Patient

If you’re like me and you get impatient doing your nails or maybe you’re pressed for time, either way, be very patient doing jelly sandwich nails. Since you’ll be layering quite a few layers of nail polish, rushing through will only leave you with sticky and smudged nails! Apply thin coats of polish and let it dry completely dry before you move on to the next layer!

7 Don’t Forget the Basics

This DIY manicure looks very unique but you want to remember the basics of doing a manicure when doing the jelly sandwich also. Don’t forget to do a clear base coat to protect your nails and top it all off with a top coat. You’re definitely going to want to seal in your marvelous manicure and protect your nails and the polish!

The jelly sandwich manicure is a fun and easy way to create a one-of-a-kind design and look to your nails with just two nail polishes! It’s a simple way to add some drama to your nails without having to buy any extra nail design tools or have much of a steady hand! Have you tried out the jelly sandwich manicure yet? How do you like it?

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