Here's How to Keep Your Nails in Perfect Condition ...

By Lauren

Here's How to Keep Your Nails in Perfect Condition ...

People notice your hands more than you might think. And if your nails are chipped, broken or bitten to a stump, it will create an impression, and not a favorable one. Why spend time looking after your skin and dressing yourself nicely if you don’t look after your nails? I’ve got some tips and tricks for dealing with tears, breaks and weak and damaged nails.

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1 Give Your Nails a Break – Don’t Overuse or Misuse Them

You should avoid overusing your nails for everyday tasks. Look for alternatives. Instead of dialing the phone with your nails, try a pen or stick. Remember, your nails are not claws nor a crow bar– they are sensitive and fragile, and you should take care of them.

2 Use a Cuticle Cream Every Night at Bedtime

Your nails will look better if your cuticles are smooth and healthy. This is what cuticle creams are for. Be sure to use one that contains vitamin E because this will nourish your cuticles and help bring damaged, brittle nails back to life. Massage the cream in before going to bed regularly.

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3 It Sounds so Simple but Wearing Gloves Will Help

Whether you're going out or you're doing some household chores, it is always a good idea to protect your hands and nails by wearing a pair of gloves. You should also wear gloves when washing the dishes because cleansers and detergents may prove extremely damaging for your fingernails. And wear them whenever you’re using anything that involves chemicals or dirty stuff.

4 Hydration is Important for Every Part of Your Body

You need to keep your body hydrated to have healthier skin, shiny hair, and of course, stronger nails. Dehydration will lead to brittle nails that will break easily. Be sure to drink plenty of water and fluids every day to keep your nails in perfect condition.

5 Add Biotin-rich Foods to Your Diet

One of the best ways to look after your nails is to eat foods that are rich in biotin. Biotin helps thicken and strengthen your nails. This means eating eggs, cauliflower, whole grains, carrots, nuts, and tomatoes. A biotin supplement may also help.

6 A Multivitamin Might Help Repair Nails More Quickly than Changes to Your Diet

Your brittle nails may be due to vitamin deficiency, and while you can add more vegetables and fruits to load your body up again with necessary vitamins and nutrients, you can also use a multivitamin daily to get stronger nails quickly.

7 Weak Nails Can Be Helped with Olive Oil

Put some olive oil in a cup or a bowl and soak your nails in it for about 15 minutes. Do it at least once every day for a month. As the olive oil penetrates your skin and nail, it will repair damaged cuticles and build stronger nails.

8 Did You Know You Can Use a Tea Bag to Repair Nail Tears?

Get a tea bag and cut a tiny piece of the paper from it. Now, apply a drop of nail glue to it and place it right on top of the nail area that is torn. Allow it to dry completely. Now gently file the paper/glued area until it is smooth.

9 If Your Nails Are in Poor Condition Avoid Nail Polish Remover

You might be tempted to use polish to disguise your poor nails. That’s all well and good, except the acetone in nail polish remover certainly won’t do damaged nails any good. Do your nails a favor by looking after them and getting them healthy and leaving the polish off. When they’re beautiful and strong again treat yourself to a gorgeous manicure.

Time to fess up! Do you give your nails the TLC they deserve?

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Dat skull ring!! ♥

Great article!

No matter what I do I can't get strong nails

The last point didn't work for me unfortunately, as long as my nails are coated, they grow and are strong, if I leave them exposed, they become brittle in no time. The rest of the tips are really helpful though!

True @Happygirl

I have bitten my nails all of my life and I'm using a nail strengthener.

This is very helpful. I can never figure out how to lee my nails in perfect condition!

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