9 Show Stopping Shades of Nail Polish for Your Next Pedicure ...

Wondering which shades of nail polish to wear or purchase for your next pedicure? Not to worry because I’m here with some stunning shades of nail polish that I think you’re going to love! Even if you think you own every color of lacquer in the book, there’s always a new shade or polish type that’s waiting to be discovered. We’ll always love the classics like red and nude, but it’s always fun to rock the trendy colors, too. Get your toes ready, because I’m going to introduce you to 9 hot shades of nail polish you’re going to want to try.

1. Formula X Sparklers in Made for You

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Sometimes it’s not just about the shades of nail polish, but the texture, also. Formula X’s Sparklers in Made for You is a gorgeous champagne color with lots of silver 3D glitter that gives it almost a cool, textured look. It might look like any old gold glitter polish in the bottle, but when applied it’s super sparkly and fun. It’s kind of like a party on your nails! Available at Sephora for $12.50.

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