7 Ways to Keep Your Nails Healthy, Long and Strong ...


Ways to keep nails healthy I’m going to mention here are definitely not too special nor too time consuming for anyone’s nail-care routine! You can be the busiest person in the world and still manage to squeeze them into your schedule in which case you’ll become the busiest person in the world with really good nails. Lol! But seriously ladies, take a look at these tips for long nails I have in store for you today. They are a piece of cake, I promise, and your one way ticket to Greatnailville!

1. Wear Protective Gloves

Wearing protective gloves while handling various nail-unfriendly household chemicals and washing dishes is one of the best ways to keep nails healthy! Water will turn your nails soft which is, as we all know, a state in which they are the easiest to mess up - and don’t even get me started on things products such as AJAX, Clorox and Mr. Clean will do to your nails! A good pair of rubber gloves will make all of these problems disappear, keeping chemicals at bay and making sure your nails don’t spend eternity soaked in water.

Don’t Forget a Nail Treatment
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