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Following tips for caring for acrylic nails is important if you're going to keep them looking good as long as possible. They may look impressive, but it's expensive to keep going to the salon so you'll want to put off replacing them as long as possible. This means looking after them properly and being careful not to damage them. Try these tips for caring for acrylic nails to keep your talons looking stunning …

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Suitable Length

The first of my tips for caring for acrylic nails is to have a suitable length put on. Long nails look great, but aren't really suitable for some lifestyles. Just try typing with really long nails, or doing fiddly jobs! If your acrylic nails are too long to be practical, they aren't going to last. So pick a sensible length and help them stay on for longer.


Wear Gloves

Protect your nails by wearing gloves when washing dishes or doing any jobs around the house. They're less likely to suffer an accident and won't be damaged by chemicals. So keep a pair of rubber gloves by the sink and always put them on when doing the dishes. And don't use your nails as tools - that's a sure way to loosen them!


When selecting gloves, choose ones that fit comfortably to prevent water from seeping in and causing your nails to lift. Also, remember that gardening or household repairs can be rough on your acrylics, so double up on protection by using a sturdier pair for those tasks. Beyond the housework, slipping on gloves during cold weather also helps protect your nails from harsh conditions that can cause brittleness and breakage. It's a simple step that goes a long way in extending the life and look of your glamorously manicured hands.


Dry Thoroughly

When you wash your hands, always take care not to be rough with the nails. It's also important to dry your hands and nails thoroughly after washing them. This is because, if any water gets under the nails, it will make them lift up. This can allow bacteria to get in - and you don't want to get any infections. So make sure that your hands are completely dry.


Immediate Fix

However careful you are, accidents do happen. If one of your nails breaks or starts to lift up, get to the salon as soon as possible. As I've mentioned above, bacteria can easily get in. Leaving a broken nail will also make it easier for others to get damaged. It's a lot cheaper to repair a single nail than to have a full set replaced!


Non-Acetone Remover

Now that you've got a set of lovely long nails, you'll doubtless want to ring the changes with different nail polishes. Be careful what kind of polish remover you use though. Avoid the type that contains acetone, as this can dissolve the nails. That's not what you want at all! So look for a polish remover that is acetone-free.



One very important step in maintaining your acrylic nails is to oil them daily. I know, that sounds daft! But oiling the nails has several purposes. Firstly, it stops them drying out. Secondly, it stops them separating from your own nails. Plus it also keeps them flexible. Oil twice daily, applying under the nail and on the cuticle.


Don't Pick or Chew

Finally, you must not pick at your nails at all. That's a surefire way to have them fall apart. If you see that one is coming away, don't help it along. Head to the salon and get it repaired. Also, don't chew at your nails. Remember that you've had them done so that they look great.

Acrylic nails look fantastic, and are a great idea if you can't grow your own long enough. They need looking after though. You've gone to the trouble and expense of getting them put on, so invest some effort in keeping them looking great as long as possible. Are you a fan of acrylic nails - do you spend a small fortune on having them done regularly?

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Great article!!

Love it !!! Now I need to get my nails done

I love this article !

As a cosmetologist, I can't emphasize how IMPORTANT this is, especially the bacteria which can grow. (: thanks for posting an informing girls about it!

What kind of oil??

Cuticle oil, I use CND cuticle oil Karly!;)

im so board

Shellac is the best!

Thank you for the tips I would like to find out what is the difference between the acrylic nails gel etc witch one is the best I am so clueless to \" witch nail do you like \" I don\'t know the best one HELP!

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