7 Tips for Applying Fake Nails at Home ...


A trip to the nail salon can really hurt your wallet.

Meanwhile, you could buy a kit at the nearest drug store that won't cost you much cash.

Even if you've never applied fake nails on your own, it's not that difficult.

You just have to watch what you're doing, so you can make your nails look as amazing as they would've if you went to a professional to have them done.

Here are a few tips for applying those fake nails at home:

1. Remove Your Polish

Even though your fake nails should cover up most of your nail polish, you still have to remove it.

If you have polish underneath, your fake nails could have trouble sticking.

Plus, if you end up putting your fake nails on a little lopsided, then your old polish will peek through and make the mistake more noticeable.

That's why you should completely remove your old polish before you begin the process of applying fake nails.

2. Trim and File Your Nails

Once your nail polish is removed, trim and file your nails.

You won't be able to do this after you apply your fake nails, so you don't want to forget this step.

3. Push Back Your Cuticles

It's time to push back your cuticles so you can glue your fake nails to your actually nails and not onto your skin.

Before you do this, you should soak your skin and then add moisturizer to the area, so that you don't hurt yourself.

Then you can gently push your cuticles back toward the base of your nails.

4. Put Your Fake Nails in Size Order

It's almost time for you to actually apply your fake nails.2

However, you should take all of them out of the casing they came in and rest them out (in size order) on the table in front of you.

If you don't, you might end up placing the wrong size fake nail onto your real nail.

In order to avoid mistakes, plan it out ahead of time.2

Apply Your Fake Nails
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