7 Amazing Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram ...


I always like to recommend nail artists to follow on Instagram to my friends.

Nail art is becoming a bigger trend than ever before.

I know I always feel complete when my nails are done but when they’re done to a T I feel like a politician right before elections...

I just need to shake everyone’s hand to show off my fingertips.

Anyways, here are 7 amazing nail artists to follow on Instagram!3

1. Sparrownails


Sparrownails is one of my favourite nail artists to follow on Instagram.

I especially like Sparrow Nails by Darcy Sparrow because this account introduced me to a lot of nail polish brands I was unfamiliar with before.

I also discovered some new types of nail polish via Sparrownails like thermo nail polish, holo glitter, glow in the dark polish, and more!

What I like the most about Sparrownails is her posts vary from complicated nail designs that I would never dream of duplicating to simpler designs that are worth trying with the right equipment.

2. Nailscamera


From simple to outrageous, Nailscamera has it all!

Nailscamera’s style is eccentric but very adorable at the same time!

Nailscamera has done everything from basic grey nail polish to painting ocean scenery on nails.

The talent is obvious and this is a fun Instagram account to follow because it’s full of imagination and creativity and you never know what kind of nail art you’ll see on your newsfeed!2

3. NailsbyDMarie


If you like extravagant, over the top, opulent things in life then this is one account you should follow.

I wouldn’t put D Marie’s nail creations under the «practical» category but they sure are gorgeous to look at it.

NailsbyDMarie’s signature style as of recently includes a lot nail jewels, long nails and bright pops of colour.2

4. Ournailtutorials


I love this Instagram account because it’s simple pictorial tutorials for complicated nail designs.

If I had the right equipment and enough nail polish, I would be decking my nails out every weekend with adorable nail designs.

The tutorials are simple to follow and with a steady can turn out great...

you will never have to pay for manicure again thanks to Ournailtutorials!

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