7 Tips for Painting Your Nails in a Bold Color ...

Express yourself with a manicure by following these tips for painting your nails in a bold color. Using color is the easiest way to stand out from a crowd and inject an effortless bold pop into your wardrobe. This season your nails are blank canvases just waiting to be painted and decorated, so go ahead and give your nails the opportunity to shine with these 7 tips for painting your nails in a bold color.

1. Select the Perfect Color

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Selecting the perfect color when painting your nails is crucial to creating the perfect manicure. It's also one of the best tips for painting your nails in a bold color. Buy colors that match the occasion. Opt for a bright, glittery polish for nights out on the town or a dark bold color for everyday wear. Generally shades that match your favorite facial makeup will suit your hands and feet, as these tones will work to complement your skin tone. If you’re fair skinned, avoid bright reds, oranges or yellows, as these can wash you out. Darker skin tones can generally get away with more colors as rich, jewel tones complement their skin and bright, neon hues tend to make darker skin tones pop and look more tanned.

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