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In order to achieve the perfect DIY manicures, investing in a few quality nail products can definitely go a long way. Whether you are into the polished look or prefer testing out intricate designs, it's actually much easier to replicate trendy styles than you would think. One of my favorite aspects of doing my own manicures is the amount of money that I save by finding items that are just as efficient as their professional brand counterparts. These amazing nail products are basic essentials and will prove that quality will always be more important than price or quantity.

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Cuticle Pen

Cuticle Pen One of the greatest nail products for DIY manicures is a cuticle pen. Not only is this product great for keeping your cuticles looking fresh and healthy, it also acts as a moisturizer. If you often find that your cuticles become dry, I would recommend trying e.l.f. Cosmetic's nourishing cuticle pen. Trust me when I say that you will definitely not regret it!


Base Coat

Base Coat When it comes to using this next item, experience certainly does not matter. A base coat is one of the most crucial parts of a manicure because it protects your natural nail color from turning yellow after constantly being painted. It can also aid your design in lasting longer. Check out your nearest drugstore for cheap but effective base coats.


Top Coat

Top Coat Similarly, a top coat both protects your design from chipping and adds a shiny element to your look. I generally apply at least one to two top coats to lock in my design. Nail brand Sally Hansen has a variety of top coats that come in at an inexpensive and reasonable price, and also dry pretty quickly; this brand can be picked up at most beauty supply stores. OPI is another option. I just can't get enough of that exquisite shine and luster!


Metal Cuticle Pusher

Metal Cuticle Pusher The fact that you don't have to be an expert to use this product is what initially piqued my interest. The purpose of a metal cuticle pusher is to encourage your nails to grow stronger by pushing the skin away from the cuticle. It's imperative that you do not rush through the process as you may end up hurting yourself. If you have sensitive cuticles, going with a wooden cuticle pusher is the best option.


Nail File

Nail File Although this may seem pretty straightforward, I feel that the aesthetic importance of a nail file warrants mention. Using a nail file can make the shape of your nails stand out more as it evens out the edges. Who would resist their nails having a smooth look? Your local drugstore (or even your local dollar store) will be a great resource for awesome nail files that are quite cheap and actually work.



Lotion If your skin becomes dry easily, using lotion is a great way to seal in moisture. While nail experts may recommend cuticle balm, I've found that a simple hand lotion is just as effective at conditioning your hands and cuticles.


Buffing Block

Buffing Block Lastly, the buffing block is a magnificent creation. It will buff and shine your nails, as well as get rid of fine ridges and stains, for a professional look at a fragment of the price!

I can't wait for the summer season to arrive so I can try more sunshine inspired manicures. What are some of your go-to nail products? Are there any items that you feel aren't needed?

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