7 Health Problems Your Nails May Reveal ...


Do you realise how many health problems your nails may reveal? When you're giving yourself a manicure or applying polish, you probably focus your attention on getting the color just right. Yet a closer glance at your nails may give you a hint that there's something you need to check out. It's surprising what they can indicate. Here are some of the health problems your nails may reveal …

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One of the health problems your nails may reveal is if you have anemia. Anemia means that your blood is low in red cells, so if your nails are pale and you have other symptoms like tiredness, you may benefit from having a blood test. An iron deficiency may cause your nails to have raised ridges.


Liver Problems

Another problem that can be shown by white nails is a liver problem. If your nail is completely white, make an appointment to see your doctor. White nails can also be a sign of diabetes, heart problems, or an overactive thyroid. White lines may also be a sign of liver problems.



Do you have really dry, brittle nails that break so easily that you despair of ever being able to grow them? It could be caused by a thyroid problem. Another symptom that can be caused by thyroid complaints is when the nail bed is raised. Ridges on your nails may indicate an underactive thyroid. See your doctor for a blood test to check your thyroid levels.


Fungal Infections

If you get horrid yellowy nails, don't freak and hide your feet inside shoes. You may have a fungal infection, which won't go away on its own. See your doctor as you may need an oral treatment, which will be more effective than any medication you can buy over the counter.


Kidney Problems

Small white lines on your nails are nothing to worry about. They mean that the nail has sustained some small damage, which will grow out in time. If your nail has a horizontal line right across it, however, this could suggest that you're low in protein or have a kidney problem.


Circulatory Problems

If nails turn a bluish color, this is a sign that there isn't enough oxygen being carried to your fingertips. Some people just have poor circulation, but there are also various conditions that may be indicated. One cause of blue nails is Raynaud's disease, but it can also be caused by respiratory problems. So if you find that your nails are always blue, you should get your doctor to check you out.



Psoriasis is a skin condition that leaves the sufferer with red, scaly areas. It can also affect the nails, leaving them with pits and cracks as it affects the normal growth of the nails. Psoriasis can also affect the color of the nail and cause it to lift from the nail bed.

If you have nail problems, it could indicate a health issue. But don't try to diagnose yourself or assume that you have some awful ailment. If you're worried about anything, always check it out with your doctor. It could be something that's easily treated, or indeed nothing to worry about. But any changes that persist should be investigated. Have your nails ever revealed that you had a health problem?

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Wow had no idea your nails could reveal that much information it's amazing

i am good with my nails

It's a good thing I have none of the symptoms!!

I have #3. I'm on medication for hypothyroid and have ridges on all of my nails, also I can never get them to grow they just split or peel right off.

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