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Natural beauty products are on the rise as more companies are realizing that we don’t want chemicals on our skin and nails. Most of us know that nail polish used to be made with yucky ingredients (like formaldehyde) and that many are made without this as well as 2 other harmful toxins (they’re known as 3-Free). But now there are new polishes out that are 5 Free and 9 Free, which is even better! Here are some of our favs 💅🏼

1. Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour

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Chanel screams luxury, so of course we love the fact that their nail polishes are a 5-free formula. These are also infused with Bioceramics, which reinforce your nails and also fill in ridges. The result is a polish that looks professional and lasts a long time. We especially like the shades Cavalière and Èmeraude for this season.

Bliss Genius Polish
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