7 Nail Polish Brands I Love ...


Nail polish brands are really hard to compare, which is why every die hard nail polish fan has at least a few personal bests, not to mention a few best nail polishes she (or he) wouldn’t give up for anything! I’m not a huge collector but you know how it goes – a girl can never have just two nail polish shades! Thus the following list of all of my favorite nail polish brands and all the good (and bad stuff ) I’ve noticed while using their nail polishes. Enjoy!

1. Korres

The fact that this green brand is famous and available literally all over the world really does say it all, so if you haven’t tried anything so far, I suggest you most definitely do! Nail polishes are a great place to start, by the way, and unlike most European nail polish brands that are only three-free (do not contain DBP, Formaldehyde or Toluene), these nail polishes even beat Chanel’s five-free formula. No parabens, no silicones, mineral oils, camphor, acetone, xylene and another nasty-sounding thing I can’t even spell yet alone pronounce! And that’s IN ADDITION to the three-free mentioned above! Now, some may believe the lack of all these chemicals results in a watery, easy to chip, jelly formula but, surprisingly, that’s not the case at all! Furthermore, I found these nail polishes extremely resistant even without the base or top coat. They are one of those rare nail polishes I don’t have to refresh as they do not get gloopy with use and can be used literally until the bottle is completely empty!

Cons: No special effect toppers, holo or duochrome shades.

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