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These tips for improving weak nails will be really useful if your nails are prone to breaking and splitting. It’s so annoying when you want to grow lovely nails, but can’t get them to a decent length. Fortunately, strengthening your nails isn't that hard. So if you want talons to be proud of, here are some techniques for improving weak nails!

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Hand Cream

Hand cream is an excellent way of improving weak nails. Ideally you should be massaging hand cream into your nails several times a day, especially after your hands have been in water. Use a richer cream during colder weather.


Cover up

One of the most important tips for improving weak nails is to protect them. Always wear gloves when doing housework or when outside in cold weather. When you wash dishes, apply some cream first and then put on rubber gloves – the heat will help the cream be absorbed, and the gloves are essential to protect your hands.


Nails, Not Tools!

We’ve all done this one – used our nails to scrape price labels off, for example. This won’t help the condition, especially if your nails are prone to splitting. Never use your nails as tools – always use a suitable tool for the job, which will protect your nails from damage.


Manicure Technique

Another of the good tips for improving weak nails is to use the correct manicure technique. First, start with a good quality emery board (never use a metal file). Then file the nail from the outside to the centre - avoid filing all the way across the nail.


Avoid Excess Washing

Washing your hands frequently will not help with strengthening your nails. Wherever possible, avoid washing your hands excessively (and remember to apply hand cream afterwards). If your work involves having your hands in water, remember to use gloves to protect your hands and nails.


Nail Hardener

There are a number of products on the market that claim to help strengthen nails, so it may be worth trying these out. When you choose one, be sure to avoid products with formaldehyde (a nasty chemical), which can actually make the conditions of your nails worse. Remember, it's about improving weak nails, not making them worse.



Feeding your nails from the inside as well as the outside can help. As well as trying the other tips for improving weak nails, you may want to consider trying a supplement aimed at improving the condition of your nails. There are plenty available; one that is considered to be effective is biotin.


Limit Polish Remover

Polish remover is pretty strong stuff, so it’s best not to use it too frequently. If you like to have polish on your nails all the time, try touching up the colour when it chips, rather than removing it completely and putting on a new layer. This will help reduce the exposure of your nails to remover.

If you’re in despair at the state of your nails, hope is at hand! Try these tips for improving weak nails and you should soon have nails to be proud of. It will take some time and persistence for them to improve, but be patient, take good care of them, and you should see the difference. Have you any other recommendations, such as diet, to help with improving weak nails?

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