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7 Ways to Pamper Your Hands and Improve Its Condition ...

By Artti

When your life gets busy it’s hard to find ways to pamper your hands because they are usually forgotten about. However, it’s not hard at all to maintain their health and visual appearance. In fact, here’s a few ways to pamper your hands!

1 Hand Lotion

One of the ways to pamper your hands is by using lotions made specifically for the hands. Dry hands are a lot more noticeable than you think. Avoid starting fires with ashy hands by using lotions made specifically for hands. Hand lotions differ from body lotions because hand lotions usually thicker and have ingredients to soften the cuticles.

2 Nail Strengthener

I have to be honest, one of the things that gross me out in the world are soft nails that can almost completely bend backwards. UGH! Unfortunately, some people are cursed with nails that are too delicate to grow. Try nail strengthening polishes that nourish the nails as well as add a few extra layers to the nails’ surface so that they don’t chip or bend as easily.

3 Exfoliate

Are you are a hard working woman who has the hands of a rail road worker? You’re not alone! If you have skin peeling from your palms it will take a lot of TLC to repair them – mainly a lot of moisturizing. However, another way to speed up the heeling process is by exfoliating them to get rid of dead, dry skin cells. I recommend mixing olive oil and brown sugar together and then massaging them on and around your hands (and your entire body if you’d like). Do this before taking your next shower!

4 Oil ‘em up

If everyday hand lotion isn’t working and you’ve still got tragic hands, try intensive oils. Whereas hand lotions have a small concentration of oil, intensive hand oils are mostly all oil and will hydrate your hands and cuticles instantly. Try using oil like jojoba oil on your next day off while watching TV on the couch.

5 Mittens for Kittens

There are mittens available for your paws that are lined with a gel which is infused with moisturising vitamins and oils. If you’re someone who is washing their hands constantly or doesn’t like the feel of lotions or oils on your hands throughout the day these gloves are perfect for you! Wear them on your day off, after dinner or when you’re sleeping. You’ll have hand softer, smoother hands in no time.

6 Cuticles

Overgrown or dead cuticles really impact the appearance of your nails. In my opinion, cuticles that are not tended to usually make the nails look misshapen and tend to ruin the effect of nail polish. Cuticle oils are usually your best solution to keep cuticles at bay. In addition, healthy cuticles help fight against dryness and bitterness which is another thing to consider for those of you who have delicate nails.

7 Neat Nails

There’s never an excuse to look like Edward Scissor Hand! The best, and most visually pleasing, thing you can do for your hands is maintain your nails. Whether you like short nails or long nails, round nails or square tip nails, your nails should always be clean and filed. Nails that are different lengths and shapes from one another are not pleasing to look.

Just like your face, people are seeing your hands at all times so it’s always in your best interest to keep them healthy and clean. Dirty or rough hands are unappealing and are even a subtle indicator of how you take care of yourself. What are things you do or products you use to keep your hands picture-perfect at all times?

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