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There's nothing worse to ruin your mood than seeing a chipped nail or flaked off polish, and it might leave you wondering how to make nail polish stay on longer. If you ask me, when you buy nail polish, you shouldn't have to worry about it coming off when washing a few dishes the next day! Here's some tips for how to make nail polish stay on longer that will hopefully be lifesaving in the beauty department if you haven't used them yet. They seem simple, but are often ones that go overlooked. Also, be sure you spend more than a couple of dollars on your polish. Those drug store finds might be cute and cheap, but they're not going to last you very long dear!

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Clean up!

Clean up! One of the best tips for how to make nail polish stay on longer and ensure a great nail polish job, is to make sure you start with clean nails. No matter what else you do, if your nails aren't clean, your polish job will suffer. Dirt and natural oils can inhibit the color from adhering to your nails, which can add to chipping and flaking, or mild discoloration. The best way to clean your nails is to thoroughly remove your old polish with a quality nail polish remover based on acetone. Then, wash your hands with plain old soap and water to remove all the dirt. Pat them dry really well so there's no moisture left on your nails either.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar This kitchen ingredient is actually your nail polish's best friend! The trick is to apply a little apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and rub it over your nails after washing them well. Then, let your nails dry naturally for about 10 minutes and proceed on. The acids in the vinegar will help the polish stick to your nails longer and though they might smell a bit at first, don't worry - the scent goes away! This popular tip has been said to help nail polish stay on at least two weeks.


Always Apply a Base Coat

Always Apply a Base Coat First, you should know that one coat of paint isn't going to get it. First, you must apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nails for the big polish job. Think of it as a primer, just like you use for makeup. The base coat provides the ideal surface for the polish to adhere to and will result in a smoother nail polish job. You should let the base coat dry for at least 15 minutes. If you're like me, you might be tempted to skip buying it, but doing so will only leave you with shorter-lasting nail polish results. Spend the money for a quality base coat, such as Sally Hansen brand. You'll be glad you did!


Consider a Shimmering Polish

Consider a Shimmering Polish I love a little shine and shimmer to my nails without them being over the top. Pick a thin based polish with light reflecting colors. Some of these are clear, while others are iridescent in color. They don't just make your nails stand out, but can also help the main color polish stick better. Paint this polish over your base coat before your main color. Since it's underneath your main color, it will be a lovely subtle addition to your color of choice.


Think Thin

Think Thin When applying the main color of your choosing, don't go too heavy. Apply a thin, light coat first and let it dry. When you apply too much polish at one time, it never gets proper drying opportunity. It can also cause those yucky bubbles you might see in nail polish sometimes too. It's a very tedious process, so take your time and don't do this when you're in a hurry. For best results, be sure you brush the polish horizontally, starting at the base of your nail and working across the tips of your fingernails.


Polish the Tips

Polish the Tips This tip might be new to you, as it was to me. When you start polishing your nails, try to really focus on your tips. They get the most wear and tear on a day to day basis, yet are often the part we brush over the quickest during painting. Concentrating on applying the polish all the way down the tip and even curving right under the top of your nail can help the tips last longer.


Store It Cool

Store It Cool When I was a young girl, my aunt would paint my nails and I always thought it was funny she kept her polish in the fridge. Years later, I learned that this was the key tip to making polish last longer. An easy place to keep it is in the egg container in your door's fridge at the top. Eggs aren't supposed to be stored there anyway! Store your polish in your fridge, which helps preserve the chemicals and can help the structure of the polish hold up better. Moisture, heat and light that is in the bathroom where polish is often kept can make the polish structures break down and affect the color and texture. This is one of the worst things for your nails. So, to prevent this headache and keep you from wasting your money, keep your polish cool!

If you get frustrated with your nails chipping and wearing down, please give these tips a try. After a few times of using this process, you'll see just how much it works and just how easy it is. If you need a friend to help you the first time, don't hesitate to ask. Just be warned, your nails will look so great, she might as you to return the favor! Do you have a secret trick to make your nail polish last longer?

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#5 I'm sure you meant vertically

#5 Are you sure it's supposed to be brushed on horizontally (which is like straight across? How would u even do it that way?) Aren't u supposed to do it vertically (from bottom of nail bed to the tip of the nail)?

Nice tips :)

@Miracle, lol

Wish I'd known all this years ago! I've spent a lot of money on nail polish and never been able to give myself a manicure that lasts. I gave up and have been having them done professionally for decades. I'm definitely going to try these tips. Fingers crossed they work for me!!

#3 Orly bonder rubberized base coat is great!

I am a nail tech and I’ve tried so many basecoats and the best one I’ve found so far is Orly’s Bonder.

I read you are NOT supposed to keep it in the fridge because it causes it to thicken....

Thank you for the information on how to keep the nail polish on . I am going to try it .

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