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When you‘re doing nail art, it’s crucial to allow sufficient drying time. All that effort is so easily ruined if you start working with your hands before your stunning design has firmly set. If however, you’re only applying one regular color, drying time can be annoying. If you don’t have the patience to sit and wait for your polish to dry or you’re short on time, here are a few ways to speed it up.

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Use a Thinner Coat

So it’s obvious but it does well to remember it. If you’re in a hurry, apply thinner coats. If you’re using a dark shade and want to really save time, just apply one coat. You can always apply another coat later in the day.


Use a Quick Drying Top Coat

Another statement of the obvious, but if you don’t regularly review the non-polish products on the nail aisle you probably haven’t seen the latest things. Check out quick drying top coats or quick dry drops.


Dip in Ice Cold Water (brrrr)

One of the best DIY ways to dry your nails after you’ve applied a nice polish is to fill a bowl with ice and cold water. As soon as you have painted your nails, soak them in the water for about 2-3 minutes. This will probably have you shivering, but it really is effective and will avoid any unwanted smudges and chips so makes it well worth the cold spell. Careful when you dry your hands as if your nails aren’t quite ready you could smudge them on the towel.


Use the Freezer Method

This isn’t a very environmentally friendly method, but if you’re out of ice then this is one of the alternative ways to dry nail polish. Open the freezer and stick your hands in there for a few minutes. This might not be the best way to dry your toes though - you’ll end up sitting on the floor with your feet in with the frozen peas. To check that your nails are dry, gently touch a nail on your top lip. Don’t use another finger to check as if it isn’t quite dry, then the force of your finger will smudge the polish.


Air Dust

You know those cans of air that you use to dust out your keyboard and electronics? Well those can be used to dry your nails too. Be careful with this though; if you put the can too close to your hands then you could end up with a nasty freeze burn. This method does come with a warning, so be careful. A freeze burn will look much worse than having nails that are a little smudged.


Spray Them with Cooking Oil

Using cooking spray to dry your nails has a couple of benefits. It doesn’t only dry your nails, it also moisturizes your cuticles. Make sure that you go for the basic cooking spray, not a buttery flavored one. Spray a little of this stuff and you’ll be good to go with smudge free nails.


Blow Dry Them

Put your hairdryer on the coolest and least powerful setting and dry your hands. If you have it too hot and firing out air on a fierce setting then you’ll end up smudging and clumping the polish - not a good look.

Of course, you could invest in a nail drying machine. You can buy a simple blow dryer type for $5+ or a UV type for ~$80 (check them out on Amazon).
What’s your preferred method for drying your nails?

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Soaps isiiaaooaaqdow

I find thin coats works best, thin coat on left hand and by the time the right hand is painted the left one is dry and ready for another coat:D

Add cuticle oil around your cuticles after running them under cold water for 5 minutes.

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