7 Fun Facts about Nail Polish Brands You Should Know ...

Facts about nail polish brands are such a fun part of the whole nail polish collecting business.

I love my nail polishes, love to see my collection growing, love discovering new brands and I especially love learning new and interesting things about my favorite ones.

Some nail polish facts are, of course, more fun than others, but they all make me feel like Iโ€™m a part of something big and quite ancient.

But we wonโ€™t make any huge trips down the memory lane today.

So, how about some cool facts about nail polish brands we all know and love?

1. YSL Nail Polishes Are Not Three-Free

Probably not amongst the most fascinating facts about nail polish brands but hey, itโ€™s useful and we just love useful, donโ€™t we, girls?

YSL evidently isnโ€™t into the whole โ€œletโ€™s reformulate our polishes, maybe make them a tad less deadlyโ€ kind of thing, which definitely has its highs and its lows.

The good news is that youโ€™re still getting the very same product you used to pinch when mom wasnโ€™t looking and the badโ€ฆ Well, letโ€™s just say thereโ€™s a reason nail polish manufacturers were urged to drop certain chemicals.

OPI Used to Produce Dental Supplies