8 Tips on How to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer ...


Figuring out how to make nail polish stay on longer can be very easy if you follow a few key tricks. A well-kept manicure always makes me feel more put together and presentable in any situation. My mom introduced me to the glorious world of nail polish when I was a young girl, and as I progressed into womanhood I’ve picked up tips from her as well as come up with a few of my own. Follow these simple steps and you will figure out how to make nail polish stay on longer in no time!

1. Choose a Comfortable Nail Length

An integral part of how to make nail polish stay on longer is choosing a length for your nail that allows you to comfortably do any activity while avoiding breakage. A chipped nail can sometimes be a traumatic and painful experience. It also is one of the main causes of a ruined manicure. If you play an instrument or your job involves a lot of typing on a keyboard, a shorter nail length is the way to go. Keep your nails trimmed to a length that compliments your fingers or toes, but remember to avoid going too long unless you have resilient nails.

Prep Your Nails
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