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If you’re unhappy with the current condition of your nails, you need to check out this list of nail strengthening products, ASAP! Girls, we might not all be born with a set of perfect nails, but we have so many top-notch nail care products to choose from that we can certainly appear to have them. So if you have problems with your nails being weak, brittle, dry or they just don’t seem to grow, you’re going to love trying out these nail strengthening products.

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OPI Nail Envy, Original Formula

OPI Nail Envy, Original Formula OPI’s Nail Envy happens to be one of my favorite nail strengthening products and judging from all the great reviews, I suspect I’m not the only one who feels this way! Nail Envy strengthens damaged or weak nails with calcium and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It doesn’t go on totally clear, but with a slightly milky color so it’s perfect to wear by itself and not feel like your nails are naked. If you decide to try this out, try to find it on Amazon as you can usually find it cheaper there.


Nutra Nail 5-to-7 Day Nail Growth, Calcium Formula

Nutra Nail 5-to-7 Day Nail Growth, Calcium Formula If you yearn for a set of long, healthy nails, but you currently lack the strength and length for them, try Nutra Nail’s moisturizing nail growth formula and give it a week. This nail strengthener promises to transform weak and brittle nails that easily bend and break into longer and stronger nails in as little as five to seven days. Another bonus is that it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.


Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Julep offers us a revolutionary nail care treatment with their Oxygen Nail Treatment. This nail strengthener offers a slightly creamy tint when applied and works to fortify fragile nails that are prone to peeling, breaking and splitting. Formulated with oxygen technology that allows your nails to breathe and plant stem cells to provide anti-aging benefits, this is the ultimate in nail care.


Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat

Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat Sally Hansen is an amazing affordable brand of nail care products and you won’t want to miss out on the Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat. Wear this protective nail care treatment on your nails alone, under or over your nail polish to give your nails a dose of nourishing and moisturizing vitamin B5 and a shiny top coat.


Essie Protein Base Coat

Essie Protein Base Coat Feed your nails some protein to give them the strength and elasticity they crave. Essie has a number of excellent nail care products, but their Protein Base Coat is one of the best. This highly rated nail strengthener gets rave reviews for its ability to not only bolster the health of your nails, but also help prolong your manicure so your polish stays fresh and fabulous.


Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Treatment

Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Treatment This is another highly rated nail strengthener that works wonders on delicate nails that are prone to splitting, peeling, chipping and bending. With hydrolyzed keratin and protein, even the thinnest, weakest nails will see a noticeable difference. In case you were wondering, Nailtiques actually has four different nail protein treatments, with Formula 2 being made for nails that are soft and weak. If your nails are especially damaged, there is also Forumla 2 Plus treatment for problem nails.


Nail Tek Restore Damaged Nails Kit

Nail Tek Restore Damaged Nails Kit If your nails are in need of an intervention, Nail Tek has you covered! Whether your nails were damaged from gel, acrylics or UV polish, Nail Tek can help strengthen and nourish your nails back to good health. You've got Foundation II, which is a ridge-filling, strengthening base coat, II Intensive Therapy for peeling nails and Renew natural cuticle oil for beautiful, healthy nails.


Butter LONDON Horse Power Nail Fertilizer

Butter LONDON Horse Power Nail Fertilizer With a name like Horse Power Nail Fertilizer, one would expect this to be some powerful stuff! Turns out that it is and I think you’ll be quite pleased with the results. This nail fertilizer contains silica, horsetail and other nutrients which are said to fortify, repair and grow your nails in as little as a month. It’s also 3-free so you can feel good about using this product.


Develop 10 Ultimate Nail Strengthening Formula

Develop 10 Ultimate Nail Strengthening Formula The last nail strengthener that I want to introduce you to is from Develop 10. This nail care treatment is budget-friendly and formulated to treat strengthen, harden, seal and promote healthy nail growth. If your nails frequently break, peel or chip, coat your nails with this and watch your nails get longer, stronger and more beautiful than you’ve ever seen before!

If you’re tired of your nails always peeling, breaking or not growing, it’s time to pick up one of these five-star nail strengtheners. In addition to using a nail fortifying treatment, don’t forget to regularly moisturize, eat protein, drink water and protect your hands from cleaners and any harsh chemicals. Do you have a favorite nail care product? Please share your recommendations with us!

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Love the horsepower from Butter!

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I LIVE by nailtiques formula 2 . It's has help my nails so much ❤️

I love opi nail envy, my nails have never been better!

Rejuvacote by Duri...a must.

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