7 Nail Color Combinations That Look Divine ...

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest trend where one nail is painted a different color than the others, so I guess it’s a good idea to have some great nail color combinations in case you want to try the look. Typically, it’s the ring finger that features a color that differs from the other nails, but I suppose you can go crazy and try the trend any way you like. Many people are also trying stripes and polka dots so you’ll need some great nail color combinations for those styles too! Give these a try, but don’t be afraid to clue me in to some others too!

1. Black and White

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Black and white is perhaps one of the hottest nail color combinations you’ll see. Imagine the dramatic effect that having eight white nails and two black ones creates. Or vice versa, with the statement nail being white. This is a great combination to try with your favorite brightly colored outfits. It’s also trendy, but classic enough that you might even get away with it at the office.

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