7 Lovely Pastel Nail Polishes for a Delicious Summer Manicure ...

Pastel nail polishes are my obsession this summer and if you haven’t discovered them yet, now is the perfect time to catch up. Now I know pastel nail polishes are usually a thing to go for in spring, but pastel looks amazing on tanned skin too and could prove to be a great manicure idea should you ever get bored of those bright, neon summer shades. Don’t take my word for it, though – take a look at these hard-to-resist shades yourself:

1. Essie - No Baggage Please

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A noteworthy part of this year’s bridal collection, this pale pink shade is not only a stunner but one of my favorite ever pastel nail polishes, too! Seriously – it does things no pastel pink ever should, making it possible even for us warm-toned ladies to wear such a Barbie-ish color. There is an odd hot pink undertone hiding somewhere in there, making this polish look most definitely pink even in low light. I love the cool micro-glitter effect, too and…surprise, surprise – you can really see it!

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