7 Enchanting Purple Nail Polishes That'll Make You Look like a Diva ...

What’s NOT to love about a good bottle of gorgeous purple nail polish? You can wear it through any season and it looks picture-perfect with everything from flowing frocks to casual cutoff shorts. Whether you’re planning a much-needed vacay to Hawaii (take me with you) or are preparing to hit the beach (in style, of course), these 7 bottles of purple nail polish have got your fingers covered –literally! We have everything from glittery to just sparkles, take a look!

1. Glittering Purple Nail Polish

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Add some glitz and glam to your life with a bottle of purple nail polish that packs on the glitter. Swipe it across your nails before you hit the club to add a finishing touch to your notice-me ensemble. Or, if you’re stuck in pencil skirts and blazers all summer, wear it to the office as a playful twist that doesn’t break dress code and it'll get you noticed!

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