7 Tricks to Reduce Nail Breakages ...


7 Tricks to Reduce Nail Breakages ...
7 Tricks to Reduce Nail Breakages ...

The tricks to reduce nail breakages you’re about to read don’t cost much, nor are they extremely time-consuming but they do a really fantastic job with keeping your nails beautiful and, as such, are something you absolutely must try. Checkout my tricks to reduce nail breakages below, work them into your life and you’ll go from a girl who doesn’t do nails to a girl who could give anyone a serious case of nail envy in a matter of few short weeks!

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File in One Direction

It might be one of the oldest tricks to reduce nail breakages in the book but it sure is a great one! Give it a shot – it’s a bit awkward at first but definitely not something one can’t get used to. Filing in one direction won’t put a lot of stress on those fragile tips nor force the layers to separate, thus allowing you to keep them strong, long and beautiful-looking!


Keep Nails Painted

A hardening top coat, treatment or two layers of a simple polish will help strengthen your fragile nails, improving their resistance a great deal. I’ve actually put this to the test and, quite honestly, even a nail polish does the trick quite well and has helped me retain a decent length despite the fact that I spend most of my summer on the beach and am constantly washing, scrubbing, painting or repairing something ever since we moved into our new-to-us apartment.


Be Careful when Your Nails Are Wet

Nails are pretty fragile and unbelievably easy to mess up when wet but hey, if you are as clumsy as me, you already know that by now! The ultimate tip for reducing nail breakage? Try to be as careful as you can, choosing less labor-intensive activities during the first hour, thus allowing your nails enough time to fully dry.



Peeling layers and breakage are a sure sign of dry nails, which is why I’m going to make this next tip for reducing nail breakage quite simple – purchase or make your own treatment for brittle nails and don’t forget to use it! Nail strengthening treatment, cream or homemade ointment work best when left overnight, which is why I usually apply mine right before bed.


Use a High Quality Cutter

A nail-cutter that’s sharp and as wide as the nail you’re trying to cut is the only thing you should use on your nails if you wish to keep them strong and tear-free. Invest in one and you’ll be able to tell the difference right away! It won’t leave your nails half-chewed and prone to peeling in layers and it will help you get the right shape with a single cut and avoid excessive filing.


Nails Are Not a Tool

How many times have you tried to use your fingernail to tighten a loose screw, pry something open or peel something off? More importantly – how many times has that resulted in considerable nail damage? Well, my ladies, nails are not a tool and the fact that they are always at hand when needed doesn’t imply that you ought to use them. A small screwdriver and two safety pins are a perfectly lightweight, easy to carry replacement – all you have to do is train yourself to use them instead of your precious nails.


Give Soak off a Try

Trying to remove a gritty nail polish by rubbing your nails with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover can actually cause more harm than good! Did you know that? Rough particles will scrape the nail bed, causing tons of micro abrasions that really are just as bad as they sound! The solution? A soak off! Use a mild acetone-free nail polish remover, apply it onto a cotton pad then press the pad to the nail, allowing a few seconds for the polish to loosen up. Remove it with one sure sweep and voila – the polish will be gone with it! Beats that persistent scrubbing any day, right?

How do you deal with breakage and is there a magical treatment for brittle nails you think others should try?

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Try rubbing the nails with crushed garlic

Love your tips, I am a cosmetologist and a teacher at a Cosmo school so I love to have extra little tips for my students and clients. One thing I wanted to say actually, is that the nail grows from the side to the center of the nail and when you file you really want to file "with the grain" so to say. So it's best to file from one side to the tip or center of the nail and then stop and switch to the opposite side and file to the top of the nail on the other side just another little tip! Loving this app!!

Great tips! Thanks. I always ruin my nails when using polish remover, so I'm so excited to try that last tip! Thanks again!!

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