9 Nifty Nail Polish Tricks and Tips for Perfect Nails ...


Painting your own nails can get kind of tricky at times, so it’s always a good idea to have some nail polish tricks up your sleeve to help you along. I like painting my own nails, but there are times that it can get downright frustrating because I don’t have enough time to let them dry, so they smudge or I have to spend what seems like forever to clean up messes! If you could use a little help in the manicure department, be sure to try some of these smart nail polish tricks and see a big difference in your paint job!

1. Dab It

Dab It

Are you a fan of glitter nail polish? Glitter polish is perfect for those times you want to cover up a not-so-perfectly painted nail or just add some sparkle to your nails. Sometimes, there can be an issue with getting an even coat of glitter to the entire nail. You’ve probably tried some glitter polishes that spread evenly like a dream, whereas others come out in globs. One of the easy nail polish tricks to fix this is to dab on the polish rather than brushing it on. Get a dollop of glitter, dab it on your nail and then lightly spread it out.

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