10 Bad πŸ‘Ž Nail πŸ’… Mistakes πŸ˜– to Avoid ❌ ...


There are definitely some nail mistakes to avoid. So you went to your favorite nail salon and got your nails done? You got literally only 5 steps from the salon when you realized that rather than impressing everyone with your diva fabulousness, you’ve managed to go from hot to not instead! What went wrong?

It could be that you made one of the 10 fatal fake nail mistakes. If you’re not sure which one, keep reading for the most common nail mistakes to avoid.

1. Too Long Nails

A few years ago, I shared a cab with a woman. We were both going to the airport. She got out first, and as she closed her door, I heard this scraping sound like talons raking. Then I looked and saw what appeared to be clawlike appendages scraping across the car window.

Ack! I just knew in that moment that the velociraptor from Jurassic Park had finally come to get me…but then I noticed that these claws were beautifully shaped, fire-engine red, and did not appear to be dripping with blood.

Could they beβ€” I wonderedβ€”that woman’s nails???

If your nails are so long they make scrabbling sounds when you pick up a pen or try to type on a computer, they are too long!

If your nails are so long, you have to invent new ways to button your clothes, they are too long!

If your nails are so long, that when you hold a hamburger, half of the hamburger gets embedded under your nails, then they are…

You know. Nails that are too long are one of the biggest nail mistakes to avoid.

Bleeding Cuticles
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