7 Matte Nail Polish Colors to Spring for This Summer ...


I have a thing for ultra shiny nails, but the new matte look is pretty awesome too! If you want to give it a try this summer, you aren’t alone. It’s tearing up runways and Pinterest, making it something you should definitely try. There are loads of color options, but some look really great with your summer tan and summer wardrobe. If you’re trying to choose, one of these shades should be just what you’re looking for. Go all matte or use it to create fabulous nail art. Then wait for the compliments to come.

1. Nude Matte is Perfect with a Tan

Nude Matte is Perfect with a Tan

Nude nail polish is trending in a big way right now, but most versions of it are glossy. Try a matte nude and it will bring out the glow on your summer skin. It’s neutral so you can wear it with anything and it’s appropriate for both work and play. Not only that, but nude polish is a great color choice if you want to create a pattern or image on your nails.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Red
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