7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Hide a Chipped Manicure ...


I'm always looking for great ways to hide a chipped manicure. No matter how hard I try or what polish I use, I always chip at least a few nails in the first few days. It's not bad with light colors, but I love bold colors. Luckily, I've discovered seven simple ways to hide a chipped manicure without having to start over. With these, no one will ever notice a chip again.

1. French It up

This is personally one of my favorite ways to hide a chipped manicure. Since most chips happen along the edge of the nail, why not turn your manicure into a French manicure? Grab a second polish to complement your current color. Brush on a thin tip on the edge of each nail. Suddenly, you have a cute new look and your chips are nowhere in sight.

Add Some Glitter
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