7 Colors You Need to Start a Nail Polish Collection ...


Start a nail polish collection right now, honey! Yes, I’m talking to you, and you and you there! Now, I don’t know what you heard but, trust me, starting a nail polish collection isn’t as hard or expensive as it might sound at first. You don’t need to have tons of variations of red, green or blue, a few basic nail polish colors will do the trick just fine. After all, even the most dedicated of collectors would agree that some colors are more useful (and maybe even get a bit more love) than others. Here are some I find oh-so-worth having and would advise you to consider adding first as you start a nail polish collection.

1. Vampy Red

A vampy red is a definite must even if your dream isn’t to start a nail polish collection worthy of a beauty blogger. Seriously, if need be, I could easily see myself forsaking all other reds for it and never regret my decision. It’s classy, it’s glam, super sexy and doesn’t look cheap on any skin tone – a definition of foolproof, for sure!

Try: Essie Skirting the Issue or Chanel Vamp

Polished Nude
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