7 Tips for Painting Your Nails That Will Change Your Life ...


Tips for painting your nails are everywhere, but I’ve done you a favor and streamlined the process down to a few manageable steps that will make giving yourself a manicure enjoyable rather than overwhelming. I rarely go without painting my nails because there’s just something pulled together about having polish on them. If you’re like me or just want to paint your nails now and then, use these tips for painting your nails and you’ll get the look you’re after each and every time.

1. Roll, Don’t Shake

This is a gem of a tip that I got from a make-up artist when I was very young. It turns out to be one of the best tips for painting your nails out there. Here’s why – when you shake your nail polish it stirs air into it, which can leave you with bubbles after your manicure. Instead, hold the bottle gently between your hands and roll it back and forth. This way, the polish mixes, but it keeps the air to a minimum for smooth application every time.

Use a Base Coat
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