The Story πŸ“– of My Nails πŸ’…: from Drab 😩 to Fab 🌟 ...


All little girls love to have their nails painted and at some point, they even begin doing so themselves. I hope the story of my nails inspires you to work on your own manicures from time to time. You won't be sorry!

Here is the story of my nails.

1. Phase #1

Every little girl starts out with the basic nail polish at about 13 or so, and you feel cute and sophisticated for a while until you reach about 14 or 15 and realize your painting skills are sub-par and the dominant hand always looks crappy in comparison to the other. Don’t even get me started on the smudging that happens before the nail fully dries or the chipping that starts about 30 seconds after the nails have dried. Whatever the struggle may be, reality sets in that this is not the way to keep your nails looking cute! That's where the story of my nails gets started.

Phase #2
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