Easy 👌 DIY Nail 💅 Masks for Healthy 💪 Nails ⚗️ ...


What girl doesn't want some nail masks for healthy nails? If you are somebody who likes nothing more than to get the girls round on an evening to indulge in a little beauty fun, then you will be more than familiar with the crazy and cool facemask trend that has been running rampant in recent times. When it comes to facemasks, the sky it the limit. You can get pretty much any shape, size or recipe to test out on your skin, and they can provide endless hours of fun! However, something that you might not be so familiar with is the concept of nail masks. Just like face masks, they have a wonderful effect on the desired area, and are relatively simple to experiment with. If you want to dip your toes (so to speak!) into the world of nail masks, then here are few nail masks for healthy nails for beginners.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a brilliant natural disinfectant that contains all the minerals that work to strengthen your nails. Massage the oil into your nails, and you can even mix in a teaspoon of olive oil to give the lotion a boost of extra strength. This is one of my favorite nail masks for healthy nails.

Coconut Oil
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