Genius💡Uses for Clear Nail Polish All Practical Girls Will Love 💅 ...


I'm always finding uses for clear nail polish beyond my nails. Who knew such a simple polish could be so incredibly useful? I don't think I ever go anywhere without at least a tiny bottle, not to mention I always have several on hand at home. It's the perfect “just in case” tool. If you think it's just for shiny nails, check out some of these uses for clear nail polish and you'll never see it the same again.

1. No More Lost Buttons

I always hate clothes with barely sewn on buttons. It doesn't take much before the threads break and your buttons are gone. One of my favorite uses for clear nail polish is protecting buttons. Brush a little on the front of the button to strengthen the threads. Plus, it keeps them looking shiny. Since the polish is clear, no one will ever notice the difference.

Easier Threading
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