7 Fun Nail Patterns for Summer ...


Fun nail patterns are the โ€œitโ€ trend right now, which makes it super fun to try out new and exciting ones all the time. I donโ€™t have tons of time to devote to nail art, but when I can carve out the time, itโ€™s fun to try something that will get people talking or that makes me smile when I see it. If you want some new fun nail patterns, youโ€™ve come to the right place. I have some fun new ideas to make the rest of your summer something to remember.

1. Sparklers


Remember how much fun it was to light a handful of sparklers as a kid? You can recreate that feeling by painting sparklers on your fingernails, which happens to be one of my favorite fun nail patterns. What a fun way to ramp up a party or backyard barbecue. Start with a light colored base coat. Then apply a large drop of a darker color to the center of your nail. Use a straight pin or toothpick to drag lines of the polish out to the edges of your nails. Red, white and blue is an especially fun color palette for this pattern.

Polka Dots
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