13 Tips on How to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer ...


I don’t know about you ladies, but recently I started doing my own manicures, and the issue I have is how to make nail polish stay on longer. Sometimes, when I do my own nails, I can only go a day or two before I start to see it all chipping away. So I did some research, and I have got it down to a science now, so I thought it’s only fair to share it with my gals. Here are my 8 tips on how to make nail polish stay on longer.

1. Nail Polish Remover is a Gal's Best Friend

Something I don’t think any of us think of, on how to make nail polish stay on longer, is the very thing that takes it off! The oil on our hands is one of the things that chips away at our polish; who’d a thunk it, right? The best thing to do, before you slap on that base coat from your favorite brand, is go over your nails with some nail polish remover. Even if you aren’t wearing any polish to begin with, just to remove any excess oils you may have on your nails.

Use a Base Coat First
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