7 Tips for Growing Long Nails and Keeping Them ...


Interested in learning some tips for growing long nails and keeping them? I love the way long nails look but I’ve learned that it’s one thing to grow them out, but another thing to keep them looking that way! Don’t get me wrong-short nails are great and they’re super easy to work with. But, if there’s a specific design of nail art you want to try out or you just long to rock long, strong talons you’ve gotta keep reading for tips on growing long nails!

1. Don’t Use Them as Tools

One of the top tips for growing long nails and keeping them is to stop using them as a tool! I’m guilty of using them to open things but this bad habit will unquestionably damage and stress out your precious nails. No matter what length they are right now, stop treating them like tools in order to reduce the amount of stress on your nails and grow them out.

Don’t Be Caught Naked
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