7 Tips for Banishing Ingrown Toenails Once and for All ...


Anyone who's ever suffered from this particularly painful problem knows that banishing ingrown toenails is sometimes easier said than done. The good news, however, is that you can get rid of them. Sometimes the remedy hurts, but rarely as much as the ingrown nail itself. Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of your nail basically grows into your skin. It happens for various reasons: your shoes could be too tight; your nails could be too long; and you can even inherit it from parents and grandparents. It typically happens to your big toes, and it sucks. You have to be careful when banishing ingrown toenails because you don't want to risk an infection. These removal methods don't involve any digging, which is both dangerous and painful, and will help you reclaim your pretty feet.

1. The Cotton Method

This is one of the best methods for banishing ingrown toenails I've ever tried. It's a little involved, but the relief it brings makes it more than worth the effort. Start by soaking your foot in borderline hot water with Epsom salts. The salts will also help prevent any infections. The soak is to make your nails softer and thus more malleable. Now, you need tweezers for this, but not because you'll be digging. Rather, you want to take a cotton ball, tweeze a small tuft of cotton from it, and insert it between the ingrown edge of your toenail and your skin. That gives you a comforting bit of cushion, and keeps the nail from further growing into the skin. Slather the area with antibacterial ointment and wrap it up with a bandage. Check your nail each day, adding more ointment as necessary. Ideally, the cotton will also push the nail away from your skin, allowing you to easily, gently, and properly trim your toenail.

Keep It Straight
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