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You know it's going to be a great day when you find nail and beauty hacks that are so utterly genius that you need a moment just to process them. There's nothing greater than using shortcuts that help you save time and actually work; even though this may sound redundant, you would be surprised at how many hacks don't really work and instead make things harder than they should be. What could be better than a shortcut that is totally affordable and/or easy to make? Trust me when I say that you'll fall in love with these nail and beauty hacks to the point where you won't swear by anything else!

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Stop Jewelry from Rusting

Stop Jewelry from Rusting I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest nail and beauty hacks that I've ever been introduced to. Have you ever managed to save some serious bucks by stocking up on inexpensive costume jewelry...only for it to get rusty or turn your fingers green? You can paint over your jewelry with a coat of clear nail polish; it will act as a protective layer by sealing the elements out. The best part is that one coat usually does the trick.


Remove Lipstick Stains on Your Teeth

Remove Lipstick Stains on Your Teeth Don't you just hate when you smile in pictures, only to see that the red lipstick you're rocking has gotten all over your teeth (and no one said anything)? Would you believe me if I told you that all you need is your index finger for this one? No, I'm not kidding! After forming your lips in the shape of an 'O', quickly insert your finger into your mouth. Doing this will get rid of any lipstick that is on your inner lip so your teeth won't get stained.


DIY Nail Polish

DIY Nail Polish As a nail aficionado, I definitely swear by this next hack. Instead of spending a lot of money to test out new colors that you're not sure you'll like, why not stick with the shades that you know you already love? Create your own sexy nail polish by grabbing your favorite eyeshadow and a bottle of clear polish. After you crush your eyeshadow (and make sure to really get rid of any lumps), you can either pour it into the clear polish or a different container entirely.


DIY Bronzer

DIY Bronzer Although it may not seem like it at first glance, this genius beauty trick will save your wallet. According to beauty blog Beauty Tips 4 Her, you can make your own natural bronzer using cinnamon, nutmeg, essential oil, cocoa powder and cornstarch. I just love that these are items that you can already find in your kitchen! You can check out the treatment at beautytips4her.com.


Tame Messy Manicures

Tame Messy Manicures Having a jar of vaseline comes in handy for many reasons. If you've ever been frustrated over messy manicures, vaseline will become your best friend. Line the edges of your nails with this miracle gel before you start painting; wiping stray paint will become ten times easier. Seriously, that's all it takes!


Brighten Your Smile

Brighten Your Smile Trust me when I say that you won't run into this problem ever again. Two words: Baking soda. This is probably one of the most popular hacks around because of the fact that it actually works! Just make sure to use in moderation as it can be harmful for your gums in large quantities.


Remove Sweat Stains

Remove Sweat Stains Who wouldn't want to bid adieu to those pesky sweat stains? It totally makes sense that this would also apply to this situation; this common household item is really great at removing stains. A mix of lemon juice and water also works wonders

I love that there are so many different tips and tricks to help you get that perfect look every single time! What are some other hacks that you swear by?

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Cinnamon Will cause irritation to your skin

@saritaenv Yes, it's baking soda :D Sorry about that, the words were accidentally cut off

Nice article

I'm trying to have a new look HELP!!! And makeup ideas😣

What's the common household item that removes sweat stains? You say lemon works too. Assume baking soda?

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