Pro Tips βœ… to Look πŸ‘€ after Your Cuticles πŸ’… ...


Every girl needs to know how to look after your cuticles. This guide has been written for the woman that has invested in all the necessary tools. She has purchased cuticle cream, a cuticle remover, and cuticle sticks. She may have chosen to buy cuticle oil and cuticle nippers as well. This guide explains how to make optimum use of such products and equipment. So, here's how to look after your cuticles.

1. Help Your Cuticles to Stay Moist

Apply some cuticle cream to thick or dry cuticles every night. Apply some as well to nail beds in which the cuticle’s presence has not become so apparent. This is one of the most important steps in how to look after your cuticles.

Use Your Cuticle Remover as Directed on Package
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